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As part of our deliverable, we make sure our customers are highly satisfied with our services, and somehow we have managed to do that successfully over a period of 35 years. The brain behind this company happens to be someone who has had great passion for electronics from his early high school days, affording him the opportunity to work with highly and esteemed electronic laboratories before starting a similar business of his own in Ukraine. He, however, had to relocate to Colorado in 1992 due to a Chernobyl disaster. It was a AA TV & VCR  Service 1997, Boulder TV 1999, Lakewood Electronics 2000, Adams TV Inc. 2005. Our manner of operation is very unlike other repair companies because you don’t come to us; rather, we bring our services to you. We employ our knowledge, experience, expertise and every possible resource within our means to ensure that we fix your unit in your house. If for reasons beyond our control we are unable to fix the broken unit on site, we do what we can to move the unit to our electronics lab for a more detailed assessment and repair, on the condition of your request, however. Our experts exhibit a great sense of professionalism in the course of their work by ensuring that whatever they are doing to fix a malfunctioning unit is within the confines of our customers’ request. Should there be any operational issues that should be dealt with that you are not aware of, we make it our sole responsibility to communicate such to the customer first before doing anything.

We Own Top-Of-The-Line Digital & Analog Test Equipment

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